Shopify eBay Integration: The Perfect Combination to Sell Tickets Online

Shopify eBay Integration

Shopify integration with eBay is the perfect strategy for you to present your products to the right customers, sell tickets online, and increase your brand visibility!


eBay, one of the best and most popular online marketplaces in the world is on a mission to make the online shopping experience more fun. Not only has this popular marketplace teamed up with Mashable to come up with a more shoppable content, but it also offers augmented reality features to provide a more engaging shopping experience.

Online buyers aren’t the only ones to benefit from eBay. The Shopify sellers also have an option to reach more customers.

Shopify integration with eBay marketplace was established in October 2017 and all Shopify sellers can now list and sell their items (read tickets) on the marketplace directly from their Shopify store.

If you are looking for a way to sell more tickets online, this is the perfect opportunity to use. By adding this sales channel, the sellers can sync inventory, product information, price, quantity, and more from Shopify to eBay. This helps sellers to process orders from Shopify and eBay at the same time.

There are no extra fees for selling your Shopify items on eBay, however, all sellers do need to pay for a store account. The subscriptions per month vary from $24.95 to $34.95 a month, even though the marketplace is offering 3 free months of eBay premium to Shopify merchants for a limited period of time.

If you are not sure which stores subscription is suitable for your online ticket store, allow us to recommend you the Basic deal which is suitable for sellers listing up to 250 products a month. Ecommerce solution Shopify takes a percentage of the net revenue/sale you make through the eBay platform.

The eBay sales channel has the power to introduce Shopify sellers to eBay’s buyers, exposing you and your online ticket store to new sales opportunities.

eBay has over 170 million active purchasers from all over the world and it is safe to say that standing out to potential buyers require more than eye-catching photos and trending items.

Offering a professional customer service before and after the buyer has completed the transaction is the foundation of any successful eBay or Shopify store.

Are you ready to turn your Shopify ticket store into a money-making machine? Take advantage of Shopify-eBay integration and sell tickets online like a pro!

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