How to Use Facebook Ads to Sell Tickets Online

How to drive sales to your upcoming event? How to use Facebook Ads to sell tickets online? Here are 6 steps you need to follow!

Do you use Facebook Events to gather more attendees and promote your event? WOndering how to use Facebook ads to drive sales?

All you need to do is follow these 6 steps:

1. Set Up Ticketing for Your Facebook Event Page: When selling tickets online, you want to make as easy as possible for people to purchase tickets. There are lots of platforms that integrate with Facebook like Shopify, Eventbrite, Eventbee, and others. If you are using Shopify ticket selling platform, you can integrate it into your Facebook page so potential guests can purchase tickets without leaving Facebook. It is better if you set up your Shopify event first and then create your Facebook event.

2. Add the Sponsors and Venue to the Facebook Event: Adding the sponsors and venue as co-hosts can allow them to post in the event and when you post content, the Facebook users who have responded to the event, will receive a notification. If you want to keep the conversation in one place, this the best strategy to use. You can also allow people from your team to answer any questions about your event.

3. Post on the Facebook Event Page: You want to make the most of your Facebook Event Page but you also don’t want to annoy your audience. In order to encourage people to purchase your tickets, tell them what they can all expect on the day of the event. For example, if you are organizing a seminar, you can share information about the speakers.

4. Get your first 15 Facebook Event Guests: You can promote your event if at least 15 people respond they are attending. Facebook may suggest people who are following you, who like the page or your friends as an option. You can also invite friends. You, your speakers, the venue, and the sponsors should share the event to your page. You can share the event with relevant Facebook groups, your list of previous attendees, and your customer database.


Custom Audience

5. Create a Custom Audience to Target with Ads: When you set up targeting for your Facebook campaign to increase sales for your event, it is essential to split test the copy, creative, call to action, and etc. The best and safest audience to purchase your tickets is your current customers + lookalikes, previous attendees + lookalikes, people who have engaged with your event + lookalikes, and people who have engaged with your Facebook or Instagram. When you set up your Facebook campaigns, you can split these audiences until you find the ones that have the lowest CPA and scale them.

6. Create Your Traffic Funnel: Concerts, seminars, sport events, they are all fun and people love attending them! Like any Facebook ad, the people most likely to buy tickets online are those who have already performed the action before. Some people will be excited about your event and won’t think twice to purchase tickets. With event marketing, you don’t have time to build traffic, so you need to keep the traffic funnel simple. Once people have visited your Shopify store, discovered more about the event, and showed interest in attending, serve ads to them. The best way to do this is to run a Facebook ad for people who added tickets to their shopping cart but didn’t check out.


Do you use Facebook Ads to drive sales for your event? What tips can you offer for promoting your event on Shopify and Facebook?

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